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November 26 2016

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So a few weeks ago I started a to recreate Valley of a Thousand Flowers in Unity3D and this is what I got so far. No win/loose condition yet, the voting isn’t fully functional either but it starts to feel good. When you lie down tiles the map slowly zooms out, like in Mini Metro.

September 18 2016

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NoodleBall takes football simulation to a whole new level with high fidelity visuals, realistic physics, officially licensed players….. Nah, only kidding! NoodleBall has none of that, but is a lot of fun!  Fabulously funny super floppy football.

Play The Full Game, Free (Win & Mac)

Needs to be more floppy, but NoodleBall is fun.

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Nothing beats synth sounds when you have a cyberpunk cop game, a well done trailer. Have a look at miniLAW for me.

September 17 2016


Now there’s something fun coming up from Haven Made: Warcube. It’s coming soonish on steam, has fantastic action going on and that low poly feel that I dig a lot these days.

Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h66SIOVl7rM

March 19 2015

DevLoL macht beim Arduino Day 2015 mit und es gibt Workshops für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
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January 28 2015


November 16 2014

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Zombie Night Terror is Lemmings with Zombies, and judging from the trailer, someone knows their pixelart quite well.

November 15 2014


Mini Metro

As far as addictive minimalist games goes (remember 2048?), MiniMetro is certainly one of them. Draw you lines between the metro stations of a growing metropolis and keep the passengers flowing. Available now on Steam Early Access.

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I completely missed Red Goddess but those high contrast colours certainly do stand out. Out in February.

October 26 2014


September 05 2014


August 23 2014

that wall won't succeed, not if commanded from above. and it's much easier anyways, just look at Mali what stupid imperialist law kept the tress from growing. http://www.monde-diplomatique.de/pm/2010/08/13.mondeText1.artikel,a0052.idx,17

April 24 2014


April 09 2014

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Beautiful work by Bugambilo.

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March 13 2014


ca-certificates (debian): No longer ship cacert.org certificates

Back in September I went Global Thermonucular War, delivered lots of info and history on the failing audit process behind CACert and just now the CACert root certificate was removed.

March 12 2014

Für die Antwort braucht der Herrgott länger, aber das Stricherl gibt's immer sofort.

Und eigentlich ist mir diese Diskussion jetzt schon wieder zu fad.
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March 04 2014

metalab had no shower, that was a bathtub. A shower was organized when the tub (and toilet) was removed but never installed. The lack of a ramp is the bigger issue anyways.

February 25 2014

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Glowing Indoor Forest by Orproject

London architecture studio Orproject has installed a forest of illuminated paper trees that join up to form a continuous canopy at a gallery in New Delhi.

Called Vana, meaning “forest” in Sanskrit, the hanging installation by Orproject features four trunk-like structures designed to mimic natural growth patterns.

More at dezeen

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February 24 2014

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